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top o the morning to ya ark sz

she wont come, just when you want it

ya see, im irish, but im not a leprechaun
you wanna fight, then step up and well get it on
you gotta right to the grill, im white and i ill
a decendant of dublin with titanic skill
i ducked and i swing, next thing your jaws broken
punk i aint jokin, you can bet youll be chokin
on a fist full a nothin, meanwhile ill be puffin
on a fat blunt, run punk, you dont know the half
tryin to talk shit, man, please dont make me laugh
these irish eyes are smilin, im buckwildin
the house of pain is pumpin, start jumpin
freak it, funk it, back seat junk it
if you cant get with it, youll wind up sweatin it
then youll get a beatin just like an egg
its so hard to run when youve got a broken leg
but we can have a run off, the house of painll come off
we got the cake that youre tryin to get a crumb off
the irish stylee, the celtic jazz
no one has it, just us thats it
if you try to take it, i got a big shileighly
i dont have dreads cause i shave my head daily
you call me a skin head, i call you a pin head
yo, where you been man, just like the tin man
you got no heart, here comes the good part
i pick em, buck em, cut em up, and buck them down
no fuckin around
home boy ya get clown like krusty, trust me
you shouldnt play, and by the way
top o the mornin to ya


(whats the hassle man?) top o the mornin to ya (2x)
(hey, are you givin us a hassle man?)

greetins, salutations
peace to the nations of zulu and islam
crack the bottle, rev the throttle
put the gear in, now youre stearin
like mario antretti
so let me kick it, cause i can make a wicked
noise like a cricket
rubbin his legs, my rhymes are like eggs
ill keep layin em, ill keep sayin em
this is the house of pain, were far from plain
but were not fancy, ron and nancy
so just say no, but i say go
straight to hell, i kiss and tell
so if youre a ho, all my friends know
what you gotta say, lets hit the hay
and have no delay, and yo, by the way
top o the mornin to ya


extra extra, read all about it
how could ya doubt it?
now scream and shout it!
the house of pain soon will reign
over the hip hop scene and like golden green
i rip shit and back flip like a jedi
i roll with the groove and im smooth and you can bet i
come correct and get respect when im flowin
collectin my dough, i got youre girlfriend ho-in
and how do i know that shes funk?
i know shes broke cause yo, the ts hung like a
shetland pony, gettin paid like sony
so never ever try to play me out like a phony
cause i can get real thick like a bull with mark toneil
and by the way, top o the mornin to ya



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