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shut the door ark sz

baby, bounce to my rhythm, i be radiatin static
with toys in my attic, styles automatic
i love em
asiatic, japanese, and puerto rican
every time i start speakin, i wind up freakin
some little fleusy n---- in my jacuzzi
if ya think im not choosy than the jokes on you
you want the 411, baby heres my style
i like em young but im no freaky pedophile
im known to set it wild, young girls get creamy
swing em through the mo and the ev will get steamy
you cant see me, i play the set low
scrapin on the bottom, smokin ls if i got em
and i aint too proud to beg for your leg
let me push up in the thighs, ill fertilize your egg
let me make your nature rise along with your blood pressure
strip you down bare, lay your things on the dresser
while the children of the lesser, go out and play the hard rock role
girl, i stay rock hard

so if i get mine, youll get yours
and we can take it to the wild side behind closed doors
rip off your stockings and drop your drawers
we can take it to the wild side behind closed doors

divine styler


cockni odire

ahhh, baby, cant you feel it, deep down inside ya
i cant hide the fact i wanna ride your
body up and down and then back and forth
kind of like aaliyah, girl, i wanna see ya
oohh, you look good, honey bun, i cant fake it
and word is bond i just got to get you n----
and once youre n---- im a lick your skin
then touch you in spots that aint nobody else been
ill kiss you down there when youre bare
and i swear that ill do it right
ill make it last all night
but dont put up a fight
cause i aint macho man randy
im not a savage, i just want some candy
and its, fine and dandy if you need some time
but let me know whatcha think and, sugar, ease my mind
let me know where i stand, come take my hand
give me a hug, then lay me down on the rug



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