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same as it ever was ark sz

uh shoot em all baby
just call it in one time for me real heavy
back in black
whos the mack
sittin on the back
of a cadillac
its the d motherfucker
better pass me the mic
so i can rock on
and drop the styles i write
i like hip-hop
ya dont stop
and all that
i rock the freak styles
and neat styles
that are crazy phat,
its making me sick
punk get off my dick

cause im the same motherfucker
that i ever was
same motherfucker
but i cant pay attention
cause im on that dust

my heads not swell
kid im not gell
dont feed me soup
just give me the funky loop
ill rock it to the best of my ability
runnin mad styles and showin flexibility
cause im the man thats on point
when i jam a funky joint
i want some other over there
yo, i just dont care shit
pass the mic
then im gonna tear shit
up like a peice of paper
your girl caught the vapor
when i ran the caper
i aint rearranged
so dont look strange
im the same motherfucker
aint a damn thing changed


cause im hard like stone
dont play me soft
and i rock rhymes frequently
i drop it off and
im off in space
i remember your face
but dont remember your name
cause its all the same
as it ever was
thats what it is money grip
dont trip
or im gonna bust that lip


bustin, flippin, skippin,
just like a stone on a river
ya know im gonna give her
whole lotta flavor
criminal behavior
used to be how i made it
but that shits over rated
now i rock rhymes over funky beats
i fuck fine hookers between satin sheets
they say money changes people
but i wont cause
im the same motherfucker that i ever was


and ya dont quit
cause im on that dust
soul assasins are on that dust[ha ha...]
my man j. disco is on that dust
cypress hill is on that dust
funkdoobiest is on that dust


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