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over there shit ark sz

ladies and gentlemen (2x)

heres the new shit im on
we can all get along
but if ya step to me wrong
im gonna bang ya like a gong
and i dont need a gang to do it
i creep solo
beat ya till ya dead
put out ya freakin head
thats how i do
because im sick like dat
and youll get kicked like dat
if ya fakin the funk
i got a trunk full of beats
and a head full of rhymes
i got stains on my sheets
from all the good times
that i spent with ya hookers
some were good lookers
and some were just stunts
after too many blunts
ya got ya arm around ya girl
but dont make me laugh kid
gettin steam pressured
your girls schemin on the grafted
jail faced celt
backed up
catch a welt
from the buckle
of my belt
now tell me how that felt

oooh im on some of the over there shit (3x)
im on some milky i dont care shit
i dont care...

its the return of the livin dead
put all concerned to bed
im alive and kickin
ask any girl im stickin
back once again
i never shot the heroin
or hit the glass pipe
ass wipe
stop the rumor
ill kill ya like a tumor in your colon
ill leave your shit all swollen
get off my dick cause thick is how im rollin
the soul assassainatorll
get ya open like a crator
im down with psycho vader
cause im flava like a plate a
corn beef and cabbage
im a savage on the set
dont do nuthin youll regret
because youll end up gettin wet like water
im out for slaughter
cops lock up your daughter


i rock it page style cause freed damaged ya
if ya play me close punk im gonna damage ya
we got the funkdoobie in the house
with the mickey mouse
i spot a hooker then im runnin up in ya blouse
i aint a bitch so dont play me soft
i got a round in my chamber and the safetys off
pullin on the trigger
aint nuthin brave
but im a sick fucker
like a red-neck trucker
and i just might buck ya down
youre starin down my barrel
so ya jump around
ya try to get away
but im too quick to pull
so dont try to gas me
punk, my tanks full
i aint got the time
i dont need the fuel
punk we can duel
ill take ya ass to school
then break down the lesson
heres the pop quiz
i gets top billin
you can ask iz



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