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im sick, demented
i came unrepresented
i rose from the grave
i had a close shave
the cops tried to lock me down
cause the glock they found
was stolen
thats how im rollin
calvin kleins
no friend of mine
so i dont like marky
or the monarchy
dont start me up like a rollin stone
i leave you sulkin
like macaulay culkin
in home alone
so get a grip
like stephen tyler
i used to trip
with the divine styler
back in the days
there were irish ways
and irish laws
to stand up for the cause

when its time to rock a funky joint
im on point
when its time to rock a funky jam
im the man

well its the d to the a, double n y bo
y cause i rock shit like ronnie dio
its a black day of rest
quick run get your vest
im down with the hill
cause i still got the skill
to turn the party out
its all about the skyscraper
your girl caught the vapors
so i might videotape her
i make a lot of the paper
so i dont have to scrape the
bottom of the barrel
i rock fly apparel
now i could pull you car
starting up the harley davidson
i got the gun
so the drama you could save it
well its the mad bum rushin
funky with percussion
from l.a. to flushing
i get your girlie blushin
ill cutcha like the butcher
but it and joe the writer
the old rock a loop
cause im super like schneider


im ill, retarded
so dont ya get me started
i might lose my cool
ya lose if we duel
cause i can stomp a hole
in the sole of a monk
with the rhymes in my head
and the beats in my trunk
i got the skill kid
and im gonna milk it
for all its worth
im gettin mines on earth
so step to the next head
or like sadat x said
hes gone
and thats its supposed to be
dont stand so close to me



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