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no doubt ark sz

chorus (x 2)

no doubt
hold tight
till the break of dawn
till the break of light

say yes, yes yall
to the right beat
get up everybodys bout to leave their feet
get down everybodys bout to lose their seat
i be huntin down crews like pacino in heat
puttin phsycology in your biology
no scientolgy
dianedic anistedic
you took bad advise
kid, im madd precise
when its time to get nice
i heat it up like spice

chorus (x 2)

cmon lets be real
you only think you can deal
cause when im holdin the steel
i rock shit that make you feel like
"damn that look easy, maybe i could do it"
so you take a phat beat
and put your wack rhymes to it
and god only knows
what could make you persue it
for those that cant dance
just clap your hands to it


you tell me you the baddest
and you get the most cream
but tell me whats the status
on your self esteem
you fronin on your jewels
and your bens
and your lex,
all the bodies that you caught
and all the females you sexed
yes, yes yall
true indeed
the sight of the world
keeps me high on weed
makes my eyeballs bleed
but i must proceed
yo that chics good lookin
but shes hooked on speed
buy a first row ticket
watch the vultures feed
get you culture free
from the lust and greed

chorus (x 2)


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