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life goes on ark sz

remember when the shit hit the fan and the man wanted to know which way you ran?

(life goes on) (4x)

back it up, smack it up, pop your corn
i got more style than son doobies got horn
top o the morn, rise and shine
la swine, got no spine
drop that stick, pig, my crews real thick
drop your gun, pig, and get a real dick
i got my gat cause i dont trust ya
play me close and make me nervous, ill bust ya
las no joke, the cops dont care
theyll beat ya down till theres just a fuckin hair
of life left in ya, then theyll pin ya
way out in wayside, watch your backside
white and black crime is what goes on
and life goes on
and life goes on (13x)
and on and on till the break of dawn
and on to the next day, ay yo, by the way
did you know about the science of creation
about the masons, about their nation
of disarm, this arm, a lega lega or a head
to the thirty-third degree, you know thats me
ease back, so ease off or ill squeeze off
my clip, please dont trip, or wes gonna flip
the house of pain makes clouds a rains
on parades, i wear shades when its sunny
sometimes i rock funny, i aint in it for the money
but i get mine before the show goes on
and life goes on



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