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it aint a crime ark sz

johnny was a bad boy
he was a juvenile delinquent
he had his picture
on the wall of every precinct
he had a rep for hangin out with his homies
puffin on the blunts
and sippin on the 40s
but when he spoke
nobody would listen
and when he was home
his parents, they would diss him they called him a bum
a worthless piece of shit
so over this he had a fit
and now he grabs his bag
and heads for the door
and walks to the neighborhood
liquor store
pulls out a gat
and tells the old man, "hit the floor"
then breaks open his register drawer
pulls out the money
stuffs it in his pocket
points his pistol
then he starts to cock it
the man panicks and the gun goes off
stupid old fool
made johnny blow his head off
but he dont care
cause he was taught
it aint a crime
if ya dont get caught

it aint a crime if you dont get caught
thats how it is homie like it or not

now, comin out of the store
johnny shot two acpedic jews
when he got home
his face was on the news
his mom freaked out
told him, "get the fuck out"
thats when the pigs rolled up
so, yo he ducked out
he hit the back door
like his name was carl lewis
dipped to the pay phone
to find out where his crew is
he called up his home boy jose[word up]
"can i come over, my man?"
he said, "no way!"
the cop- was here
he was lookin all over for ya
but i told the pig
i didnt know ya
he said, "cool,
pick me up at the school
i need a ride cause
im wanted for homicide"
johnnys got his gun
and hes on the run
but he dont care
to him, the shits fun
now that hes an outlaw
sorta like robin hood
the hard-rock hero
of the whole neighborhood
if they catch him
hell wind up in court, but
it aint a crime if ya dont get caught[ha ha]


it aint a sale if it dont get bought
it aint a show if i dont get paid
she aint a ho if ya dont get laid


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