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guess whos back ark sz

i got the skills to pay the bills
i dont pop pills but i send chills
up your spine when i rhyme
i get wicked, you got a booger, pick it
sippin on the 40, ya know it makes me horny
spread them legs, grab my axe
fire up the grill and crack the kegs
nobody fear, the partys here
everlast is comin, the funky drummers drummin
ya only came backstage to make the front page
to get me locked up, or get yourself knocked up
but i aint with it, even if i did it
i got a hundred homeboys to say i didnt hit it
my names everlast, i got the funky rhymes
i make more papers than the la times
i dont do lines, but i puff blunts
i dont rock fronts, but i stuff stunts
fill em to the brim like a cup of coffee
if ya dont know me, homey, back up off me
cause i aint soft, see, ill fly ahead
you wind up dead, you made your bed
now ya gotta lie in it, dont bother tryin it
take my advice, homeboy, think twice
before you step up, step back
or catch a smack, guess whos back


(hes back) guess whos back (everybodys in the street) (4x)
(hes back) (everybodys in the street) (3x)
(hes back) (2x)

hes back from the dead, with the shaved head
dont start to trip, dip, i brought my lead
just in case you wanna fuck around
ill stare ya dead in the face, and then ill buck ya down
ill put ya six feet deep, some say talks cheap
but i make big bucks servin up punk ducks
by the pound, i got the sound
i never been checked, i only get wrecked
i kick the willy drag, let my pants sag
dont give up the booty, cause i aint no fag
checkin out checkit, im prone to wreck shit
if ya dig this joint, check the next shit
im everlast and its a natural fact
that the white man is back


ill eat you up like some butter cups from reeses
i come in peace, but youll leave in pieces
thats how im livin, thats how it goes
everyday im sleepin, every night im doin shows
always gettin hoes when theres hoes to get got
always wear my hat so i never need a shot
always drink a beer before i write a rhyme
and if i have to drive i avoid the one time
stay between the lines and i wont get pulled over
i dont need luck cause i got a four leaf clover
yea im irish, word to the motherland
but on the otherhand
i love america, apple pie, mom and all that
my pockets stay phat, step the fuck back
play me close and you catch a mean dose
of my fist, homeboy you get dissed



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