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danny boy, danny boy ark sz

peckerwood, peckerwood, tell me your tale
please do explain why your skins so pale
and youre so funky, now how can that be
like a bird in a tree on the tlp
its the irish intellect, no one disrespected
my shitll get hectic real quick
this is the house of pain (pain)
and pain is one thing were not
cause we know weve got
style and fashion, smoke some hash and
im smackin up girls like cars were crashin
danny boy, danny boy, the pipes are callin
thought you was a winner, ya was, now youre all in
thats right, damn skimpy, ya cant get with me
i run the whole track and leave ya three laps back
chop seuy dont do me no good
i gotta have corn beef and cabbage, if i wanna manage
i never eat pig, but ill fuck up a potato
im not a dago, but pastas all that
my pockets stay phat, so step the fuck back
you wanna move on me, you better bring an army
i rip shit daily, ask my man tom baily
im rockin the clock like if i was bill hailey
im cockin my glock, and i got my shileighly
so watch your lady, because im

(danny boy!) danny boy
(danny boy!) you know its danny boy
(danny boy!) s danny boy
(danny boy!) you know its danny boy
(danny boy!) s danny boy
(danny boy!) you know its danny boy

(da ney boy, da da ney boy)
oh danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
from glen to glen, and down the mountainside


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