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come and get some o this ark sz
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come and get some o this ark sz

step to this irish mac daddy
ill light your ass up and smoke you like a fag
with the whole crew well take you for a long ride
little did you know you on the wrong side, son
i got the gun and im not scared to use it
put your life on the line, homeboy you lose it
that how it goes, homes
i blow domes when i rock mircophones
i can get swift to the riff from an old jam
im wise like an old man and dont take shit from no clan
or crew, or gang, or crew, or club
wack mcs tryin to rhyme it with my dub
fuck the bullshit, the piece gets pulled quick
fourteen pulls on my trigger, thats the whole clip
and if theres anyone still standin thinkin that their runninshit
they can come and get some of this
come and get some of this (4x)
come and get some of this over here
if not, stand clear and you got nothin to fear
im livin in a state of grace and its a fucked up place
ill put my gun in your face
if you set up youll get broke up
its no joke, blood
i write rhymes, drink beer, fight, smoke bud
thats all i do, its all i need
i buck down a little sucker just to watch him bleed
thats my style, its how i do my thing
this is the house of pain and im the king
i come real with it, can ya deal with it
or will ya run for shelter, though you barely felt the
house of pain in full effect, and if you come with disrespect
you can:



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