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all my love ark sz

(gets all my love) (4x) pick up the pace, keep it, freak it
can ya keep a secret, so can i
why ask why, try bud dry, i get fly smokin a thai
puffin a blunt, tokin a spliff
stoppin any crew that tries to rip
the house of pain, cypress hill
funkdoobiest, my girls on the pill
so i can drill, and not have to kill
an unborn child cause thats just wild
i felt the pain, i built the house
all respect due to mickey mouse
club, im rhymin on the dub
switch off the track so i can shout out my love
yea, you know my mother, she gets all my love
my sister casandra, my neice jessica rose, they get all my love
danny boy gets all my love
my dj lethal, he gets all my love
cypress hill, they get all my love
son doobie the vocal avenger, he gets all my love
ralph emms the mexican gets all my love
the divine styler, he gets all my love
bronx style bob and claudia, they get all love
my man wise guy gets all my love
yes, you know my man matt champy gets all my love, rest in peace my brother
i know you in a better place now than when you were here
kahaku gets all my love
my man cameron, first born, scribbles, and ata, they get all my love
cause those are my boys, ya know, ha ha
my man al b. gets all my love
good lookin out, my brother
yea, my man balthazar get even the thirteenth floor get all my love
my man captain rudethrow gets all my love
yes, kid jazz and kid scratch, they get all my love
up in the boogie down bronx
i dont forget
yes, and for inspiration, id like to thank allah

he gets all my love (7x)


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