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oh, goddamnit ark sz

regular exposure to insecticide has caused me to break out in hives.
im losing weight. i cannot wait till saturday...
cuz on saturday, my tax deductions make me function like a blue collar...
white collar...?...i dont know -so i gotta hollar
"oh! oh goddamnit! i think ive lost it!
oh god! goddamnit, i think ive lost you!
anti-oxidants have got me causing accidents
because my wine is spiked with pomegranite.
if youve got just one, then slam it.
shot down -its just such a shame.
i bet you feel no pain. mercy!
expect a rivalry.
shot down -its just such a shame.
im losing at this game. no fair!
why dont you seem to care.
lack of consequence has got me making decisions
based upon truth or dare decision making.
no faking.
i end up taking karate.
shes naughty... i call shotty!
my body will never live up to these expectations...
i still make invitations.
oh! oh goddamnit.
i think ive lost it and i think that ive lost you.


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