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i took off, fuck the law
lookin for b.g.
sayin that i killed a nigga around the club last week
get out the same ride in a big body
so i flip and scrip 9 minute ef three
playin by different bitches cuz my face in the paper
profile done although she couldnt describe me, i got the eraser
i dont discriminate i flip a bitch too
she got to be eleminated i kill a bitch too
she her hair fixed by my sister she lost she gonna get her
to let me drop her off by this nigga
off the river
she ridin with me thinkin that its cool and shit
she dont think i know that she let her live loose and shit
im gonna pull over pull her out and pop some slugs in the bitch
and leave her pussy stinkin cuz i dont love a bitch
but i was smart comin up, never trust a bitch
and dont hesitate for a minute to chug the bitch
she was tryin to get me locked up
it was a must that the hoe get cocked up
fuckin with me best believe that ill do ya lots
got ya sayin them hot boy niggas too too hot
too too hot
chorus: (juvenile)
what do ya call a nigga that be duckin the law (hot hot)
what do ya call a nigga that be playin it wrong (hot hot)
what do ya call a nigga that dont give a fuck who you are (hot hot)
what do ya call a nigga that play it like its the ball (hot hot)
(hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot)
lil one and gone
lil one was stuck in this shit
lil one say he gonna bust a nigga head if you fuck with his bitch
lil one got the court hot
lil one got the dough bar in front of your mama house up in your block
lil one got the 44 cocked
lil one??? even no pops
so lil one dont give em no props
lil one make em timber
lil one got a bad temper
lil one killed that boy in november
lil one be hustlin
lil one be thuggin
lil one doesnt wanna come up from nothin
i know lil one aint gonna stop
i know lil one aint gonna let a nigga run him off the block
lil one kind of remind me of me
man lil one a g
lil one runnin with the big boys
lil one fuckin these hoes
lil one got some of these old niggas rolled
lil one makin his gs
lil one runnin them keys
lil one four-hundred degrees
lil one be shy
lil one got twenty inches on his ride
lil one got two calls for fives
lil one dont give a fuck if he die or not
lil one said to jumball he gonna ride on his block
chorus x 2
(young turk)
hot boys we on fire
they dont gotta nigga who could outshine us
cash money records will there be nothin nice
the rolex be werlin
full of ice
we get our spark on nigga
through the week
me, wayne, juve, and the b.g.
how you luv it now boy
you brove ha
cuz youre cold and were hotter than a stove ha
fuckin hoes, after shows
tag-teamin, in them hoes my wee be shooting semen
gots sports cars
on chrome realla
bein slim get out of the house and walk the tone realla
hot boys we livin edges hope ya heard the word
duckin the law runnin through ports with a flock of birds
we too hot
chorus x 2
(lil wayne)
i have you burning up cuz i be (hot hot)
like a firecracker
im (tss tss) pow
see these niggas cant take me
cuz they know they takin care of my baby
dont get mad, just follow me now wodie
we the real hot boys
all of them other fake niggas need to stop boy
i got diamonds and gold and i told my strap
got my reeboks and boys and i ride on platinum
hot girls who im after from the utp
wodie i got that fire, so holla at me
now look deep into the holes you see 8 in the hand
put them things up inthey (ugh) like a stake in the grass
im a real hot boy im shakin the deck
if you a real hot girl you can take it in half
lil wayne playboy cant put the fire out for a nigga
stop tryin, i be too too hot
chorus x 2
the hot boyz, the hot boyz
niggas is the hot boyz, the hot boyz
them niggas is the hot boyz, the hot boyz
them niggas is the hot boyz, the hot boyz
on fire
grab the maggy lever then the boys wouldnt step
grab the 8010 then the boys wouldnt step
grab the 223 then the boys wouldnt step
young turk, juvenile, lil wayne are real hot boys


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