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when it comes down to stuntin, i pull it all
when it comes down to g shit, i play it raw
when it come to pullin hot girls, i pull em all
when it come to rockin ice, b.g. rock it all
sport diamonds like i tote a tech
baby tote a fo nickel like he wrappin gifts
try to stay cool so i dont melt the diamonds round my neck
i keep bustas in suspense of what imma do next, gotta respect
i aint out to please a bitch
she could get on her knees
im tryin to get rich
im shined out, ten karats on my wrist
flyin first class, me and my whole click, now
fuck a glass, we sip dom p straight out the bottle
never i play, you know im bout murderin
i aint gotta say it
you dont cross me, i dont cross you
but understand a hot boy gotta floss too
look, im iced out
[big tymers]
1 - i rock ice (lil daddy)
everytime i step
i rock ice (lil momma)
cuz i love the rep
i rock ice (whole world)
cuz im doin my thang
i rock ice
bling bling, bling bling
my rolex crushed out, my chrome stay spinnin,
hot boy wit so much money, i dont know how to spend it
dont you wish you could be in my shoes just for a minute
carry nothin but faces, never quarters and pennies
i started at nothin, look at me now, im iced out
police think im doin wrong, but nope, im right now
its cuz im black, huh, that you ridin my back
paper on everything i have, so how you love that
they dont wanna see me ballin, wanna see me fallin
got it locked off wit my tank against the wallin
i floss but get dirty too
my roley cost, try to take it and ill murder you
ya say i stun too much
i cant help it, i be with baby
the number one stunner who drive these girls crazy,
the one with the 32 platts in his mouth,
two roleys on his wrist, game spitta from the south,
tell me, what kinda nigga rock ice thatll hit ya momma (momma)
repeat 1
its cash money youngest nigga
right around ten figgas
thats what i (uh) work with
pockets are (uh) perkin
money is my purpose
whatever i purchase
prouduct gs are better
rollin with the bezel
who that be, thats wayne,
look at his gold chain,
sometimes i wear grey,
white diamonds, pear shaped,
my jewelry just pure awful
and i cant stop thuggin, its just in my culture
its a must, everyday imma shine, black
you wan meet me?
you just might need contacts
cuz im the little one with the ice, flossing
please, playa hater, get your wife off me
i ride by in a jag with the top low
throwin hundreds, but its cool, cuz i got more
me and my niggas, we stunt like theres no tomorrow
big tymers, hot boys
nigga cmr, nigga cmr
repeat 1
now you boys now them 4 99s i got expired
all them bitches plushed out on 20 inch tires
im lookin for some hell of a head, is you for hire?,
you lookin at this roley i got, dont you adire,
the way a nigga lay a stunt
braggin bout 20 inch rims, up in the restaurant
but it aint over, im about to go to disneyland
yo, you fuckin deaf now, ya understand?
what if my baby mommas ride by, lookin good
i gave em both a hundred gs to get them out the hood
my momma gettin chauffeured like a movie star
she dont know a damn thing about drivin a car
im rimmed up
now peep this million dollar smile in my mouth
and all this luxury shit i got in my house
i done sold a million records and im still goin
repeat 1
dont ask about my watch and my chain, its still glowin


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