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we ridin coming up out of the flames with the k firing (ride, ride)
hot boys ridin our flames firing (ride, ride, ride)
im bout to make a move so you best to 86
cause i be coming through
with shit that be seperating bricks
you got a rudin tude(attitude) then you best a get it fixed
and aint no missing you cause i got too many clips
hey then then too many times i gotta straighten the cross
them niggaz was trying but i was breaking ?em off
if you had it on your mind i was taking it off
either get up and whine or break to the north
look whoa there there go your cut you better catch it
your last minute is coming up you better strectch it
oh you got dope in the trunk almost forgot to check it
right after your head bust i expect to exit
im a punch you when youre out and unlock it, i got this
grab a steering wheel column and pop it, were shoppers
im about to go and kill for they profit, my pockets
him, me, and that nigga bout to stop it
why not bitch
grab your strap saddle up nigga when you ride with me
you aint guaranteed to make it back when you ride with me
and what i ride like a roller coaster
when i ride with uptown soldiers
look here we ridin we ridin
we coming up out the flames with the k firing
we ridin we ridin
we coming up out the flames with the k firing
me and my boy lil wayne rolling
strapped up in black clothes aint no ass holing
up in the bubble lye black tints ducked off
head busting bg straight gotta play the game raw
now look here nigga better be gone
off the block cause mother fuckers be falling
cause off top im gone get my mother fucking creep on
nigga get chopped like the leaf offf a tree holmes
im a flee off the scene with my rees(reeboks) on
black thicker shirt and my gbs on
run with me aint no way you could get your sleep on
cause when i come ooh ooh its hot the heats on i know you feel it nigga
its pure ruckus when i enter
i sent a message letting you know i spin ya
been bro shooting
50 plus behind air t retaliation is a must
hollows get bust brain get bust
anybody here here
when im full of that shit
and im on a mision to split it get split
peep me i play for keeps i kill ?em all
no deciding
i take no prisoners from em all when im ridin
(lil wayne)
uh i come to leave a nigga smelly
full black better get ready with my m-elevy (mack eleven)
up in my 98 chevy i swing corners
cut you up like w belly with that thing on ya
now it be me (uh huh)
and i be wayne (uh huh)
this little clique like a chain to your brain (uh huh)
i shoot first for my talking
rougher than a carpet
heard about hot boys erase your name up off the market
and nigga break a swell fly
camouflage up out of the sky
what if i buy you die
look i spin corn! ers like a daily routine
the bad choppers told a nigga i be 17
i got a 10 shot glock
inched back then i pull it
im coming round your spot with a sack full of bullets
i be twisting round your block in all black nigga
full of that style dont move i day act nigga
find where you at and then i ch-chop nigga
im on a duck plan with about 50 shots nigga
now whoa what saying to shite
my 9 be about that
watch it (crack) crack and im riding
ride around with the 2 shooter
aint gone help ya
playing round with the 50 shooter
scalp you like a scalper
10 percent gone help ya
90 percent gone fail ya
vests cant protect what i bring best
believe its gone fail ya
4 deep in a navigator on a creep
windows tinted black on black in leather seats
hot boys with hot girls ready for beef
red dot plot 32 shot bodies in heat
desert eagle with hollows
you got nothing but egos
putti! ng hands to niggaz thats at evil kineevil
playa haters like shit, get assed out
with no doubt blood blood rush out like a water spout
ld niggaz best believe they be ridin with me
shot l tuck best believe he be ridin with me
with them guerillas should have left the meat where it was
but no he wants to spark the shit up


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