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dirty world ark sz

[chorus - lil wayne]
its a dirty world but it still spins
ya cant do nothin about it but try to live in it
you cant live too large or live too small
its a fix, but 2-2-6 gone still ball
[lil wayne]
no mater what, them people gonna always watch us
and them dirty judges gonna keekp on tryin to knock us
playa haters everwhere, cant trust ya own peeps
and the feds got us with this new thing called conspiracy
them dirty scamps throwin crosses, real niggas dyin
they put a limit to our flossin, dont wanna see us shine
but close ya eyes, it aint nothin, look the other way
this for my mother, lost my father just the other day
im seein niggas get shot up, hell i got shot, too
man, you hate me and i hate you, look what this world do
now watch ya mouth when people???? seein they brains boil
look i dont curse but in this verse nigga f-ck the world
chorus 2x
niggas be wantin to kill ya, when ya on top they tryin to still ya
surrounded by playa haters, how you gonna make a million?
own boys be tryin to take ya spot, you think its cool but its not
niggas be tryin to plot on what ya got
if you rich you better leave it low
its a dirty old world, nigga, if you didnt know
dont tell ya business to hoes cuz theyll cross you up
tell they oldman you got her, hell try to chop you up
watch ya back at all times, its a dirty world
niggas get left and found over boy and girl
f-ck playin the game raw, i play it smart nigga
think im gonna get caught up nigga? i wont nigga
i keep my eyes wide, and dont trust no nigga or b-tch
these days, nigga, ya cant trust ya own click
aint that some sh-t? this world nothin nice
niggas hatin if you got it, its all gravy when ya trife
chorus 2x
them b-tches got a nigga trapped, they aint givin a sh-t
but theyll give it to them japs, they buy property and dont even pay no tax
ride nothin but lexus and lacs
the same treatment we ask, a destination of blacks
give us a ballot of names, and expect us to vote
the way i see it, we losin out anyway this sh-t go
show me a politician and ill show you a crook
show me a police officer that go by the book
theyll plant dope on ya, go to court on ya
give ya 99 years and slam the door on ya
angola, the free man bout it, he dont play
nigga get outta line, ship em to camp j
food stamps and welfare done been cut now
they done f-cked the medi-care up, so niggas stuck now
bet ya before the week out another nigga get killed
bet ya pendleton dont give a f-ck how a nigga feel
we fallin like bricks, and they flyin like birdies
this world needs to take a bath cuz its too dirty
chorus 2?x
[the b.g.]
ya know this world so dirty, believe it aint clean at all
i gotta be a lil man and stand tall
yall niggas jackin for they habit, they cant keep it up
f-ck with the wrong niggas sh-t, you get ya head bust
i only trust niggas that i know down with me
i see straight through cut-throat niggas easily
they tryin to snatch me, cuz they know im what ya used to be
cuz im a major fu-uh-factor to c-m-b
but i keep a chopper thats damn near as big as me
cuz i refuse to let any nigga still me
thatll be stripes for a nigga on the f-ckin streets
reppin off me, sayin they chopped the b.g.
i get some weed and just roll up
this world tore up, niggas on that dope, sick, fold up
my click rich wrapped in diamonds and pearls
ya gotta be strapped, bein rich in this dirty world
chorus 4x


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