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clear da set ark sz

lil wayne:
clear da set nigga
(what) (what) (what) (what)
(verse 1)
see i be ridin on the prime in the lex bubble
ready to come out the truck and make yo chest buckle
when i come i lay the sprays wit ks by the truck load
shouldve got out of my way you heard my clip shuffle
now yall was on the block with shot gunz
but when i finished, made it look like yall had pop gunz
dressed in black...long hair...long gaks...lights off no stunn
pack to the back, no mask, im thuggin
(what!)what u wan do, if yo ribs dont bust it
then 20 mo niggas follow in hummers, so aint nothin
(look!)17 ward is where i grew up at
so where a busta nigga standin is where he blew up at
i blew up that cmb so respect my peeps
or else you want yo life to be all over the streets
now watch me the younger soldier bring u closer to death
a little more than you expect nigga...i clear da set
you know they say lil wayne dem hotboy he will bust dem heads
him calls on his gun and all dem bloody bodies dead
dem...dem...really shouldnt try lil wayne cuz he will play with ks
and will bust a nigga wide open and put his brain on his plate
now watch a nigga neighborhood (phhhh!!!) go up in flames
they...they all got burnt, couldnt cant stand the heat
i bet none of them (?) jackers aint gone test lil wayne
cuz i...i clear the set messin wit me
(verse 2)
i find a nigga where he stay
cock my iron release and spray
we gone ride or we gone play
its on my mind nigga anyday
make you die where you lay
try me and see what shakes
why nigga i aint fake
bahdi bye bye now apply away
with them blood claw...lawd(lord)
the m-o-b will break them nuts off...lawd
the must really think this is checkers boy...but why
but to be this hot when u play wit a peppa boy...now cry
look...look...i dont mean no harm
but u might think im wrong
but if u play with me and my click, youll blow up like a bomb
i...i upset yo home
throw slugz at yo dome
just gimme the word and i shine the chrome bring my help and its on
yall lil boys shouldnt come against the uptown assasin
jump out quick out of the jag and blow fire like a dragon
soulja bandana wit bannana clips to fit in my sweeper
once i hit the set look everybody burns like a heater
now hold up as i bust back, watch playboy
keep a dub sack, hey boy
come to irritate yo day, boy
watch yo chest seperate, boy
when i cocks me gloc me done tossed dem buck shots
and done kill them blood clots....what the deal
yall niggas wants some more of wit this
killas like us will take it to you front door with this
see hittin corners aint no real biggie
im use to be set in that (?) wit my still flippin
im pistol grippin...ridin wit my grill glisten
niggas done caught up in beef..till they still missin
now catch me in the black truck with chrome wheels twistin
a lil tipsy he gone lie, talkin bout he gone kill yo ms.s
now peep it out
we gone clear da set but watchem (sweep!!!) sweep it out
im cheap and cheaper and cops bustin in yo people house
if the nigga wan play i turn batter to flour
so nigga clear da set and bout 5 after the hour
(chorus) 1x
i makeem watch a nigga neighbor (phhhh!!!!) go up in flames
they..they all got burnt they cant stand the heat
i bet none of them (?) jackers aint gone test lil wayane
cuz i...i clear the set messin wit me
with the blood claw.....lawd(lord) (repeat 3x)
hot boys untamed guerillas...what!!!


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