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blood thicker ark sz

stickin together like glue
blood is thick so im tight
swimmin for my people
dont mind losin my life
ridin or fryin
dont matter nigga im real
all the time
the red thicker than the clear
get in the way
and you get maced in the face
50 niggas will chase
put a end to yo day
hit yo set in the black on black
with macs
with red dots on em
will leave you flat
yo moms with the black on her
on the front level
6 ft. is where you be there goes the men with the shovels
blood thicker than water
ima keep it like that
never turnin my back
and ima keep it like that
much love for my people
they got love for me
outsiders get outta line
get burnt up from the heat
ima play it how it go
be down to the finish
fuck havin friends cuz friends turn into your enemies
(juvenile)load it up slide it in cock it back pop it out.
load it up slide it in yall die.
(lil wayne) load it up slide it in cock it back pop it out.
cmb226 we all ride.
money and bitches dont mix
hoes shit got a lotta niggas fixed
thats why i stick with blood thicker than water shit
me and my brothers split keys
get me 18 ounces nigga, and 10 gs
ridin in convertable rolls royce with the hbs
draped with diamonds and gold hoes love me
fuckin right nigga i raised the b.g.
thats why im a hot boy on these city streets
blood thicker than water i know you feel me
set trip motherfucker we gon kill ya
change on ya brain
lets sneak and then peel ya
i walk light
but i still got my ghetto stripes
i creep and peep
keep my hand on my heat
i aint gon let no bitch nigga steal me
i got a world
my main hoe pregnant with my lil girl
i gotta be here to serve her world
motherfuck snortin furl
gimme the rap game lil dick suckin bitch and ima stay rich
but its yo world
guess what cash money records stick together like blood and furl
its just me and you all
im with whatever you wanna do all
let you floss in my new car
pop a nigga for you fall
we deal with niggas ass together
build up all our cash together
scored our first bag together
and stole our first jag together
no separation
no outsiders could come between us
2 felonies and misdemeaners got a subpeona
turnin state
the hot boy$ carry they weight
any false movin the case then the fool losin his face
look what we been
though we did it sin
im prepared to do it again
i aint lyin
my bloodline is 1 of a kind
fuck it we all shine
look and we all blind
this shit is turned bad yeah
you done fucked with my people now ima bust ya ass yeah
wodie, leave that alone, let that go
best to respect my click or check that hoe
we shine??
and wax the floor
blood thicker than water dont you ask no mo
lil wayne:
blood thicker
water slicker
and aint no nigga
slick up in my click
the 226 it consists of tru niggas
we move ya crew be cool or lose nigga
now i dig
up in ya blood for my blood
my click thick
and you cant separate bloods
now when you ride
ready to die who you with
yo real family or some niggas you fool with
now on you side, do you really have love
boy we click tight stick tight thats blood
and guess what
we marchin a million strong
terrorizin you section black connection is my home
love is the key
outsiders cant keep
14 givin my whole life to cmb
ima represent it
solja rag, reebok tennis
stick to click called 226 to the finish
blood thicker than water thats why my niggas they harder
comin in that water
off top they grab the choppers and chop
so nigga you better play solo
u get fucked the fuck over
so dont explain to me nigga
talkin bout shit that i should
shut yo mouth cuz i dont wanna hear it
off top that trigger get pulled
puttin yo head on flat
caught slippin layin on that back
niggaz spotted you creepin
them chopper bullets start releasin
niggas wonderin why you wet
they found ya dead in the projects
have people cryin and thankin
but yo body been stankin
on the ground 16 holes
shot up head to ya toes
blood all over ya clothes
dont fuck with me no more
now they know
i aint no hoe
they backin up that cmr come up in that water


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