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verse 1: (lil wayne)
ha ha ha ha check it
its me thats creepin through the back
and the black on black
lil soldier with a mac
i bust back till it crack
you see i ride tonight
bullets fly at night
lain tonight
wayne and get high at night
and a high tonight when im duckin round the mirrors
i run over niggas like eighteen wheelers
hungry gorilla
ah what cha what cha got wootay
gettin beef thinks its cool i hit cha hit cha block wootay
hit cha get cha gurl
choppa choppa neighborhood
let his poppa understood
nigga burn like wood
and i swang
through yo house wit that thang
fo-five range
can you catch me where i reign
now look hang to below the sealevel
i be hotter than a devil
lil daddy im on fire
17 rider
mac-mac his supplier
lil boy my chopper make mo noise than a choir
one of these niggas gone leave here brainless
some of these niggas aint gone even be remainin
look now you keep thinkin im to be played with
my gage spray quick
i aint ta be played with
i ride like a rollercoaster
when i ride with uptown soldiers
im comin up the back my grill start to spark
opp im coming up the front (breathing hard) ya caught
now where you gone run and where you gone turn
oohh i got my gun
oohh chopper bullets burn
to whom it may concern
chopper bullets burn
get through your block like a perm
look weak like sperm
(chorus) 2x
now check the whole block the whole block catch a fire
i be the i be the block block on the rider
verse 2
i spin yo corner with my size 16 sankin
lip trangin
shootin 50 automatic
they all black and
stickin niggas like patches
family stackin
they all burn like matches
now test me and it will be accidental
erase like pencils
use niggas like rentals
now who
will wanna run up on my crew
look as cool
logger its all on you
see i cruise
up and down your street like the caribbean
then i release all off my heater from the fifty plus
ashes to dust i get dirty dirty like mud
leave one ta bust
and dirty dirty slugs rush
now hush and everybody keep the noise down
see uptown bout to bring all of you boys down
got a mean frown
im movin like a po lil bug
better keep it shut
fo the whole block get burned up
verse 3
thats me up on the back street in black clothes
see me and rob burn blocks whoa nigga whoa
we get two choppers from mike and leave a hundred hoes
we run up on you at night whoa nigga whoa
see i explode
and leave brains on the flo
i light yo block
with case glocks and calicodes
now there it go
the beat done jumped off
oo-ooohhh the beat done jumped off
i clear your street with heat from a sawed-off
and all the peeps on yo street get hauled off
dont fall off
or wootay its on you
the bullets charged see wootay i warned you
i come through with a chopper to let it off
ya ready dawg the drama ima let it off
la la la la la la weak like sperm
told ya told ya told ya chopper bullets burn
now check the whole block the whole block
its best you play cool fo i make it yo block


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