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shots ark sz

b.g.: u know me, cant get caught without my chopper
loaded with baby b
im itiching to say i got ya
b.g., labeled as a bust back nigga
cant let yo chrome put holes in me
fuck that nigga
if u do hit me up and i get another chance nigga
thats dat azz nigga
and you could trust that nigga
i put on my first born like 50 states
i got 50 rounds to split yo muther fucking grape
i hope u dont think u could get away
because i aint gon let ya u get away???????
lil wayne: now load up pull back then aim
bust and release 50 blame being hanged
bullets slang like crack cocaine
50 niggas always ridin with lil wayne
my rees strung up bos fall half way
i jumping out of trees with a camoflouge ak
i spots my target and letem go in the wind
bullets fly by cha cha blow in the wind
one after another,an another,how dey come, slippinn out the clip
see em flip hm hm hum
b.g.: u see how hot boys play it now
when we comming for yo issue
whoday lay it down
cause if you dont u done piss me clean off
ya history dog, believe 50 shots gone set it off
me, wayne,juve,turk commin show u through
4 niggas with 50 shots thats 200 at u
lil wayne: they burn ah ah on da real
they damage fa flip and turn ah ah
face be on a bandana fa
niggas scattered like sand
cause i got sluggs up in my hand
50 marching like a band
niggas crumble like cans ah ah
hold yo horses
i gotta k with 50 choices ah ah
so chose one
i set it off to bruse one
(chorus) set it off 50 shots gonna set it off (10x)
turk: killing u niggas aint no thang
im quick to let dat chopper rang
beef keep frozen but when it melts
i do my thang 50 shots to set it off
real quick bitch niggas get left where they cant be found
fuckin with me
i got some niggas on my side that will ride or die with me
craig,r, ray a ride or die with me
they will bust a nigga head with me from the scene they fled with me
my fucking rounds when i drawn down they gon draw down with me
i acts wild when i come through
no time to watch out
50 shots no doubt
blood rush out
niggas could run up and get done up if they want
you think ima hestiate nigga i wont
ill tear down yo whole block
with the chopper
chop down yo hole spot
u thinking im fake u bet not
50 shots to set if off
u get flopped of da top
(chorus repeat)
juvenile: welcome to magnolia norm soldier with bombs
mommy knew i would blow up cause calm for so long
for the president dat be the evil
that got me bustn at people
fuck if the shit illegal
i gotta fix up my regal
for da shit dat apply me
send out no apologies but i got 50 niggas
loyal to die for me
look what da devil done to me
running the beef punishing the streets
na we each gotta knock of da leash
a bunch of empty shells
walking no talking plotn for power
going riding in sour foe herion, rocks, powder
tommorrow not promised
i got so much niggas behind us hungry paranas with intenions to be tymers
fuck sitting around for the revolution to jump off
look im bout my issues 50 shots gone set it off
(chorus til end)


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