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celine dion, celine dion arklar, celine dion ark szleri
1.a new day has come589
2.a new day has come radio remix382
3.all by myself417
4.at last451
5.aun existe amor love still exists374
6.beauty and the beast553
7.because you loved me588
8.call the man589
9.declaration of love433
10.did you give enough love399
11.dreamin of you485
12.falling into you425
14.goodbyes the saddest word653
15.halfway to heaven347
16.have you ever been in love402
17.i dont know511
18.i hate you then i love you488
19.i love you440
20.i love you, goodbye390
21.i surrender424
22.if i were you433
23.if thats what it takes447
24.if you could see me now398
26.its all coming back to me now471
27.im alive500
28.just a little bit of love380
29.lets talk about love469
30.love can move mountains419
31.make you happy314
32.miles to go before i sleep533
33.my heart will go on813
34.nature boy457
35.nothing broken but my heart503
36.pour que tu maimes encore557
38.rain, tax its inevitable553
39.right in front of you398
40.river deep mountain high355
41.seduces me413
42.show some emotion350
43.sorry for love395
45.tell him415
46.ten days590
47.thats the way it is540
48.the color of my love393
49.the greatest reward399
50.the reason374
51.think twice385
52.to love you more374
53.treat her like a lady391
55.water from the moon426
56.when i need you398
57.when the wrong one loves you right340
58.where does my heart beat now367
59.where is the love370
60.why oh why352
61.with this tear344
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