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youll sceam tonight ark sz

last night i turned my tv on and i couldnt believe what was on
some fucking rich kid crying cause her, her boy friend left her cold
well why the fuck is this shit playing over the air?
to make us feel sorry for some fucking millionaire?
well i was getting pissed and i was getting mad,
i took a chair and smashed it right into the set
some fucking businessman is crying "boo-fucking-hoo..."
as he stops and thinks of all the "poor suckers" he screwed

well i said, fuck this propaganda, fuck the news, it just
controls your mind it fills your, head with crap!

youll scream tonight, so throw it away
youll scream tonight, so stay away, stay away

its a commercial about some barbie type clone blond
shes six foot four and only weighs one hundred pounds
she looks so natural like a fucking starving child
they sell her body and her self esteem out loud
some old man sits there drooling at this fucking smut
"if shed take off her shirt well, now that would be good luck!"
"what was she advertising for anyways?"
he cant remember, "but she sure had killer legs..."

degrading womyn well its, nothing new,
hes got a hard on now and thats just, fucking, "great news"


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