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mariam ark sz

your house is gone
and so are you
your husband died in 92
your familys spread out
you were the glue
your things divided
center is falling through
you taught me well
i said goodbye
well that blue coat
and gray wool pants
those things you bought
i never gave a chance
hmm, that id outfit
swore, would open up every single door
you taught me well
i said good bye
a cross was burned in 23
a black barbers yard
down your street
but you should be afraid, your father said
that cross was burned for you and me
stays in my head
you taught me well
i said goodbye
well on your bed in 93
i held your hand
you looked at me
you couldnt speak
all that morhpine
your last days
spent in dreams
you said a lie
i said goodbye


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