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lost again ark sz

theres time before the sun wakes up and grabs me
and drags me through another day
you think someone up there cant stand me
i guess im just vain
where does it come from
youve got love
but not as much as you need
but youve lost again
theres a flame on a candle keeps burning
wind blowing cant put it out
no fire in my house concerns me
but a spark i cant live without
i hear the wedding band
rub your name--rub you name out on the sand
and youve lost again
i cant face it, ive wasted
time away from you
i feel caged in
im changing cause of time away from you
and you, and you
fall in love everynight with someone
like the dancer who said i was nice
but wasnt never gonna call
id like to go home everynight with someone
but the pictures on the mantle, wont let me sleep at all
another lonely heart club band
well sometimes the ring is too small for my hand
yeah, and you
lost again
yeah, and you
lost again


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