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kandiyohi ark sz

theres a smell you cant find nowhere else
its sick and sweet
if theres a hell thats sent that there will dwell
getting sugar from a sugar beet
well, all the way through clay county, 29, to grand forks that ranked perfume
yeah, shes up in kandiyohi
the long distance makes here memory grow weak
you dont believe what you said
the truth will make you swear a blue streak
yeah, i hear shes engaged
i didnt mean to ruin you week
but you wont like what you find there
yeah, all your letter theyre unopened
and all your calls are going unreturned
yeah, you think youd get the picture
oh, man youll never learn
well, i tried to warn you
you drive there to find out just the same
yes, you will
you wont like what you find there
angels above, drive the devil down below
yeah, you pray that you have her
now shes starting to show
well, i hear shes getting married and moving up to fargo
but, you wont like what you find there
kandiyohi---kandiyohi, hey


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