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whats the difference ark sz

the constitution crumbles beneath the weight of fascists
no right to assemble - no free speech for the masses
seattle 99 the mayors decree
anti-w.t.o. statements are grounds for arresting!

our leaders decry tianamen
and dare to speak of freedom
as they unleash our cops on us
so... whats... the fuckin difference

behind locked doors in session
world sponsored corporate politicians
structure policy to build more coporate strength
fight strength - with strength
at news conferences they claim, "we listen"
while they lock out their own constituents
so we march on to raise our voice
because we are left with no choice!!!

in china, nike pays workers fifty cents a day
in the u.s., lawmakers give china "free trade"
human rights-based sanctions just washed away
when our lawmakers are owned by multinationals money

(chorus x2)


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