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until it happens to you ark sz

you walk past an activist, who is talking on the street
about political prisoners, locked up in your own home state
and you think just for a minute, you think just a second
then you say, "that cant be true! cause i live in the land of the freedom...
where no one gets the screw!"

you turn your face, you turn your back, you say, "that cant be true!"
you stay safe locked in your prefab world, cause youre sure it wont happen to you
youre sure it wont happens to you!

you heard it every day, since the first day of your life
but you never stopped to think, what you heard was full of lies
you cant question for a minute, cant question for a second
cause youre nothing but a tool
whose blueprints are tailored and fashioned, each night by the evening news

you could stand on the street, talk til youre blue in the face
and they would not make you stop, cause you have no power base
but if dan rather got on the evening news, and said, "its time for revolution!"
the f.b.i. would fuck him up so bad, hed wish he wasnt living!

they call it america, "land of the free, home of the brave"
more to the truth its a murderer, its the land of the enslaved!


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