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their system doesnt work for you ark sz
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their system doesnt work for you ark sz

one day while sitting in my room
you came in preaching
your words predieting doom
youve never once been
happy with me,
because i not
what you want me to be...no!

you tried to teach me
to pray and go to school
you tried to teach me
to be the systems tool
but you missed
what i was smart enough to see
that their system doesnt work
for you or me

oh... dont believe what they say is true
oh... their system doesnt work for you
oh... you can be what you want to be
oh... dont have to choose
to join the corporate army

for god and country give up your life,
dont try to figure out whats wrong or right
you never tried to stop, to look, to see
that youre exactly what youre told to be

you did everything fucking right
you followed the systems guiding light
and now you bitch to me
to fucking get a job
when you dont like
the life youve got

dont have to choose
to join their corporate army x2
your choice...x8


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