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thats youth ark sz

(lyrics/music: justin sane

we were just hanging on the corner, after skating for a few
we were just killin time lookin for something new
then someone came long with a guitar, and we just started to play
and we sang clash songs and the songs of our lives until late into
the night

thats youth...thats all...
thats youth....thats all...

wed only been friends for a short time, but in just an hour or two
it was like wed been friends our entire lives through
and i was so in love with you, but not sure if i should say it
but then i though "yeah im scared and i dont know if i should, but
ill do it anyway!"

thats youth...thats all...
thats youth....thats all...

when all you hear is that, "you cant" or "give up" or "youre a fool"
and youre so sick of all the in crowd and trying to be cool
and still you dont, still you dont, still you dont know what to do...
but in the end you do your own thing, and you tell em to get screwed!!!

thats youth...thats all!
thats youth....thats all!


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