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education ark sz

[music: andy klassen]
[words: sabina classen]

you payed
for everything you did
you learned
to live without your dreams
in weeks, in years, they wanna make you blind
now its time to kill
they have to feel their end
education no more...

too much losers all around
too much losers broken you down
kick their ass for the youth
they will never speak the truth

coming from the other side
put me in a world of lies
get me out of this place
i dont need the teachers race

education - for what
education - for war
education - for lies
education - for their hate
education - for what
education - for war
education - for lies
education - to shape your fate

time to think before you bleed
not what you see is what you need
they force their lies on your mind
let them know youre not their kind

just living for the job you hate
sick and tired its not too late
now im on the other side
recognize your only right

right is right - and wrong is wrong
the time is falling - you are calling
a new beginning - time is running
a second opinion - yours is coming

preach - it get out of hand
betrayed - you must take a stand
bleed - dont lose your soul
survive - reach your fucking goal


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