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decapitated mind ark sz

decapitated soul of life...
my minds bleeds from your knife...
what i see cannot be real...
in labyrinths that i feel...
some things going wrong with me...
i could never win i see...
fucking hard to achieve...
its not supposed to be this way...
bring me down
bring me down - hold on dear - you can go im not in fear
bring me down - learn to think - and i saw the hell in pink
bring me down - thats no fate - i hope it never ends in hate
bring me down - speak the truth - illusions drove my youth
now try
bring me down - what you need - i laugh for all blood i bleed
bring me down - reach a goal - you dont know my fuckin soul
bring me down - live to dream - my emotions stars to scream
bring me down - see your class - grains of sand are in my hands


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