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deadicate ark sz

evil thoughts inside of me - wounds that will not heal
hate in my songs is the way - to ride myself okay
dwelling deep in my mind - killing me - pain inside
wash my running tears away - with ceremonial blood
give up - devote - ones time - energy
bleeding heart as a price - crucifying my own ideas
obloguy of mental surge - in excruciating ritual
give up - devote - ones time - energy -
a noble cause - or purpose - a sacred use - to god
mesmeric to find the words - illusions to cut out
exiled into domnation - vortex in both souls
dwelling deep in my mind - killing me the pain inside
palpilation pneumatic dead - i deadicate to you... (dw)
pioneer of a new theory - full of grotesque inner eyes
horrorfying - chronic hunger - chaos is the realm of fancy


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