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shes my little go-go dancer ark sz

i was talking to this girl before a show
does she like me? i dont know
i asked her to go out on saturday night
she said "ok that would be alright"

then she left she had to go to work
she gave me her number she said, "i feel like a
i asked her if shed dance for a song
she said shed be dancing all night long

shes my little go-go dancer (3x)
shes my little fast kids go-go-go

she didnt tell me she danced in a cage
hanging high above the stage
i worked my way closer with a push and a shove
before i knew it i was in love

i waited every second until saturday night
i took her to dinner things were going alright
then we went out dancing went to have some fun
we danced and we danced - danced all night long

shes my little go-go dancer (3x)
shes my fast kids go-go-gogo go go go go go


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