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its all misery ark sz

you think thats living
depressive thoughts
can be misleading

so laugh and cry
make some heat to stay warm
when the night gets cold

[chorus 1:]
these experience words
are just for your wealth
sometimes we get ill
to gain our own health

until youve seen it all
you dont believe it
unless you wanna live

in valley of misery

dont think that you are
the only one with the scars
with feet on ground
is how you reach the stars

dark are the skies
and you can find the light
but still youve got to fight

[chorus 2:]
there are no guarantees
in life we are living
its as much of taking
as its giving

the writings on the wall
you must have seen it
learn it well to be free

from valley of misery

life is like a boat
were all in motion
to choose the pace
and destination

life may be storm
should it be calm today
then be ready for tomorrow

[chorus 1]

or do you want to live at all.

[chorus 2]

from valley of misery
where sunlight cannot see
in valley of misery


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