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guilty of greed ark sz

searching in pyramid
secrets will no more hide
you may not believe it but somehow ia??m sure i can deal with it.
the voice in my head stronger that before:
"maybe we could live forever
if we knew what they did tell
there is nothing more i can read
there is nothing more to sella?"

secrets ia??ll find?
beast within i feed
the world left behind
with glory i bleed
to death by my greed

fame i feel, cannot stay
the lust will breed, my birds of pray
is reason to seek more important than saving my destiny?

i found what i came here for
still all is lost
my fate to live and die here
too much for cost

no way for turning back now
too late to see
i take my final breath and
just let it be

the child in me, has ran too far
lost my ways, the end of days
the voice in my head says: a??i never can i never will have chance again"

"i dona??t want to live forever
i dona??t want to hear me cry
there is nothing more i can be
ia??m a thief and i must die"


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