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seattle was a riot ark sz

seattle was a riot, they tried to pin on us
but we didnt show up, with gas and billy clubs
an un-armed mass of thousands, just trying to be heard
but there are no world leaders- that want to hear our words.

why must we riot
why must we protest
just to be heard - by the world?

the world banks greed and lies, digs graves in 3rd world lands
and fills them with the remains of exploited workers
or displaced native peoples, and destroyed ecosystems
under the guise of progress, relief, and tech assistance.

since the dawn of history -the few who own control
have bent and rewrote history-how they want it to go
they try to control what we learn-and take away our
cause when the masses round the world unite-
thats a force they can not fight
well fight for our
well fight for our
well fight for our
well fight for our rights!

sitting in what was designated the "cooperation zone"
by seattle police sergeant richard goldstein
they sat heads bowed- listening as the police
methodically shot pepper spray- one eye at a time-
into the eyes of their passive brothers and sisters

whore like police- playing judge, jury, and
executioner for their pimp like bosses in the world
band and w.t.o.

this is not justice. this is not the role of, the
servants of the people

such tyranny brings ruling classes crashing to the
ground and contemporary societies to an end.


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