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safe tonight ark sz

you know i feel so violent, just want to break some glass,
every day i pray itll be my last
turning to a blank wall wondering what to do? turning to a caliber.22
every day he starts the same old fight. and every day it just gets worse by night.
if i hit the streets i think ill be alright. but until i do, i wont be safe tonight...
safe tonight
every day i remember all that lead to this.
and every day dont ya know i get a little more pissed.
banging on myself because i just dont care. theres nothing left for me back there
hes twisted and violent, i dont know what to do.
i left there for the streets last night
thinking only of you, be safe tonight
safe tonight
it all falls down on to me, like a baseball bat. it hurts me, haunts me, hurts me, haunts me
i never want to go back. im twisted tonight, and i dont know what to do.
im twisted tonight, i want to be with you, i want to be with you,
i want to be with you, be with, be with, be
with you..


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