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rotten future ark sz

all you punkers with your
no future dreams
follow johnny rotten and
all our present beliefs
following society be what
they want you to be
drunk and quiet
"theres no future for me"
impatience with society
be what they want you to be
impatience "there is no future here"
"im not lazy i just dont care"
of course there is no future when
you make sure there is none
impatience "time is wasting,
there is no future to be won"
if you truly dont care,
then why talk no future
excuses hang like a noose
"ive given up i just dont care"
of course youll bring no change
when you sit home on your couch
we need to stand up and fight
bring our future to a start
we can change things just as
long as we take the time
generations, generations, generations
theyre not they same


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