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red white and brainwashed ark sz

they use the flag to control us
brainwash us to be their patrotic slaves
programs our minds by controlling what we learn
the only difference from the nazis is that
someone tried to stop them

red white and brainwashed

the government says theyre working for us
just as long as we increase their pay
but the minute they get into office were a has-been
a yesterday

red white and brainwashed

the red stands for the blood of all the people
weve slain
the white for this racist, bigoted foundation
the blue for your arayan eyes -- all empty
empty because youre taught to bow down to the man"
fly that flag, that flag of freedom"
"do what you can for your country"
go and fight their wars for them
"theyre not following in our footsteps,

kill them!"
red white and brainwashed

they call that being a patriot
i just call it ignorant
if you dont fight to make things better
then youre the one betraying the country

red white and brainwashed


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