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police story ark sz

(lyrics: justin sane/music: justin sane/chris head)

a black man driving down the street one day
pulled over by racist boys in blue in brentwood, pa
theres no real reason, they dont have any right
its just that in their eyes hes not the correct shade of white...
driving in a neighborhood thats reigned by whites
aint healthy for a black man trying to live a lengthy life
all those cops they walked off free, but him hes in a grave
his name is johnny gammage, on of thousands they have slain

weve got no rights....
... when cops can kill
its not right....
... we live in fear
patrol man cruising in his car at night
just looking for some homeys he can rough up in a fight
pulled over 3 kids in a total rage
next thing you know theres bodies all over the place
his back up came & theyre all acting tough
3 kids vs. 6 or 7 cops all armed with billy clubs
the cops they did it just cause those kids color and their age
they say "thats not the truth", but this happens every fucking day!!!

weve got no right.....
... when cops can kill
its not right...
... we live in fear

fear of what youre gonna do, when a cops talking shit to you
fear of what youre gonna say, when the cops come gunning your way
fear of what you shouldnt do, when the cops try to provoke you
fear that on any given day, the cops should take your life away...

they say theyre here to keep the peace...
what a bunch of fuckin shit!!!!!!

weve got no rights....
... when cops can kill
its not right.......
... we live in fear
take back your rights!!!


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