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no more dead ark sz

why dont you come over here and see what youve created
itll make you laugh so hard youll cry
and lookin into the black you make me so far past sick
lookin into your eyes i wish youd die

no more dead (2x)

well ive seen the crosses burnt and holy
and the people they all come down theyre screaming
"hey man, its a fix!"
and i looked into the cause in which, you were striving towards
and i thought, thought of the wasted, the wasted youth..

no more dead (2x)

hes lying all alone his life is stolen, yes its gone
into the black of the night cant you see it was no fault of his own
trapped in a slum, bred into a slum, killing his own instead
of rich white men
and hes never gonna escape from it now,
because its over, and hes dead
the end


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