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im having a good day ark sz

watching tv talk shows is a lot of fun.
i like it when they always have on
people who are shooting guns
inbred couples from west virginia,
inbred people, who want to kill you!

i saw a story about a man
who was fucking his daughter,
and his wife was fucking her mother...
it was the kind of thing
thatd make you want to shoot up!

tonights gonna be a really good time
im gonna go out
and get really fucking high
ill shoot some guns,
ill drive around in my car,
you know ill probably end up
at the fucking bar
and while im there im gonna,
get real high,
im gonna kick some ass,
im gonna fuck shit up!!!!

ill kick you in your fucking teeth
if you get in my way... because
im having a good day!!!!
and i dont want you there!
no, youll
be at home watching your tv set
youve got your hand holding
your fucking dick,
and youre cumming
in your fucking mouth... o.k.


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