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indie sux, hardline sux, emo sux, you suck ark sz
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indie sux, hardline sux, emo sux, you suck ark sz

the indie kids are a bunch of snobs, they complain
my timings all off
i think timing is for stupid fucks! why do they think i
play punk rock?!?!
steve albini playing god of indie haven, stupid dorks
keeping time in seven and eleven!

indie sux, hard-line sux, emo sux, you suck! x2

im not a vegan and i have had sex, so some hard-line
kids tried to kick my ass
if youre not like them they want to clean your clock
theyre nothing but a bunch of jocks!
theyre anti-choice, theyre fascist youth, their songs
all sound like metal tunes!

ive been told emo songs are deep, which translates
into really week!
all they ever do is cry, did something get caught in
their eyes?
i just cant understand it all, even i dont always
(boo-hoo-hoo... my girlfriend dumped me... whimper
snivel... and im really hurt...)


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