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fuck police brutality ark sz

a bunch of punks hangin out on the streets before a show. patty
wagon pulls up-instinct- "run man, lets just go!" cops chases
them through the streets and then they go inside. they run into a
show where maybe they can hide fuck police brutali-
ty!he hides just standing in the crowd theres nowhere he can
run. the cop comes up behind him and cracks him with his gun.
drags his bloody ass outside and throws him to the ground
"nowhere else to take you boy, youre already down
town!" fuck police brutality! but the cops can do no
wrong, they can kill they can rape, they can do what they want,
but the cops can do no wrong. weve gotta fight, take back the
night, the cops are just like hitlers third reich, do what they
want. who do we fear? who do we trust? how do we know?


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