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y draig goch ark sz

from lands of the mountainous tundra
and the spirited elvinwood
where the woodlands give in to the whims
of the lively yet cynical wind

taiga forests and boreal lights
in their splendor warriors reside
bow in revenrence on sight
to the passing of wings and of might

sleep with dragons
theirs is the flame of flames
in starlit skies

swooping shadows fo glorious red
forging forth to the land of the sun
to the fields where the yearning is grown
and the seeds of the hopeful are sown

jovial water and semblance of east
while the reapers bent down over fields
bow in reverence of sight
to the advent of wings and of might

for minds that wonder
and eyes that roam
in fire find the hidden lair

wings and might
in starlit skies


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