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what you need ark sz

if you belong to me
nothing else would matter
give you the moon and the stars
on a silver platter
kiss you the way
you should be kissed
and show you the kind of love that you missed
so hear me
sweet baby
my heeart wont leave (oh no...)
what you want is what you get,
if u come to me,
ill give you love you wont regret
ill set you free
if you believe what i believe
boy you know its true
everything you need ill give to you
verse 2:
youve been alone too long
baby let me help you
show you where your heart belongs
you know id love to
give you a thousand reasons to stay
leave a light in my window
if you lose your way
so dont fear baby im right here
ill never leave you
this is a promise you can keep
just bring the broken heart to me
baby you know ill always be
the one youve waited for
the girl you dreamed of
just let me in and youll see
(chorus 3x)


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