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how do i feel ark sz

i was free when we met
you were eating a burito
with a girl - some brunette
at el toroscos
then you smiled like you knew
someday wed be together
how do i feel
ever since i walked away from you
i miss you for real
everyday of my life
how do i feel
now that its over
well the thing that i miss the most
is missing you
i was lost for a while
every place brought back a memory
of a kiss or a smile that you gave me
now its changed
well i guess
more and more i miss you
less and less
sometimes its hard to let you go
you get trapped in a time of your life
but you know it gets a little easier over time
i miss the moody walks in the rain
i miss the poetry, i miss the days
i miss the sad songs i used to play
but the one thing i miss the most
is missing you.


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