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every time i speak ark sz

i dont believe in true love
i am alone by nature
i did not want to let you in
so why does it feel so classic
like some romantic story
now that youre underneath my skin
every time i speak
i speak to you
every time i reach
i reach out for you baby
every time i breathe
i feel your heart beating next to mine
is it real
what i feel
this time
i am distracted often
running to meet you somewhere
hoping the flowers never die
and then you leave me breathless
rushing to look in the mirror
surprised to see the face is mine
so what is wrong with me
i know i should be happy
i dont feel right in my own skin
im just waiting for this whole damn thing to end
all i can think about
is how i can just get out
love is maddening
love is maddening


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