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rebel yell ark sz

last night a little dancer came dancin to my door
last night my little angel came pumpin on the floor
she said, "come, baby, i got a license for love
and if it expires, pray help from above"

because in the midnight hour, she cried more, more, more
with a rebel yell, she cried more, more, more
in the midnight hour, babe, more, more, more
with a rebel yell, more, more, more

more, more, more

she dont like slavery, she wont sit and beg
but when im tired and lonely, she sees me to bed
what set you free and brought you to me, babe
what set you free, i need you here by me


he lives in his own heaven
collects it to go from the 7-11
well, hes out all night to collect a fare
just so long, just so long it dont mess up his hair

i walked the walls for you babe
a thousand miles for you
i dried your tears of pain
666 times for you
id sell my soul for you, babe
for money to burn for you
id give you all and have none, babe
just-a just-a just-a just-a to have you here by me



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